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Moving Spotlight Monday - Bronte

Bronte is a multiply disabled person who has had to move multiple times over the last 3 years

The independent living center (ilc) got me into HUD initially but it took a long time and there was no help with moving or getting supplies. Thankfully a friend who is also disabled had a truck and helped some. I used the last of my money to do it and after I had my boxes in, I was on my own. The ilc didn't have resources and suggested friends should help me. I wasn't able to do that.

The next time I had to move, I found there were no resources for a disabled person to escape a domestic violence situation. It was only a matter of time that the place I was living was going to be the place I died because there were no grants or other resources to help. What do you do if the person abusing you is trying to kill you, the police aren't helping and your only option is to flee?

I know from working with other organizations that help disabled domestic violence survivors and the work I did for my own situation, an organization that would help people move into a safer and better situation would be life saving. If my partner did not have some savings, I know I would not be alive.

I was privileged in that way but by no means am I saying it was easy. It was hard moving here but it's more accessible and walkable here. The state I lived previously was a transportation desert. There is a misconception that a piece of paper telling your abuser to stay away is going to stop them. This is completely false. Having a hand to get out of that situation and move to a better place is really life-changing.

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