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Join us for our 1st #GivingTuesday on November 29th!

Disability Moving Assistance is proud to be a part of #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving.

Your Support for Disability Moving Assistance (DMA) has never been more important. In the midst of the pandemic, we saw how fragile housing situations had become. So many disabled and senior people have to make the decision to move to a new location everyday. Whether it's escaping abuse or moving by choice, the process of moving can be an overwhelming task without assistance.

This organization started because our team worked in disability services and saw a gap in service where our community struggled. One client lived alone and desperately needed to move into a more economical home cross state. They lived alone and had no natural support to help them move nor did they have the finances to support a move. They maxed out their credit cards and used up all their savings and in the end... still didn't have the money they needed to rent the services they needed to move all of their belongings. There were no resources for a disabled person who needed help moving to another home. No one should have to feel stuck like this.

We are nearly a year old, however, we have used this year to speak directly to our community. We have heard hundreds of stories from disabled and/or senior people who are struggling and tired. We have been there to help our community come up with a plan in their most stressful hour. Whether it's because they have no money to move into a better living situation or no physical help to get there, we are here to help!

To continue this important work please consider supporting Disability Moving Assistance.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of our friends and extended community!

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